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Readers Report

The Readers Report allows you produce a report summarising which documents have been read by users (and when) and which documents are still to be read.

The readers report lists documents with the following status:

  • Issued but not Effective

  • Effective

  • Effective (Requires Review)

  • Superseded (only when showing historical data)

  • Retired (only when showing historical data)


Readers Report by Date Period

With Readers Report by Date Period you can produce a report showing which documents were “Effective” between two given date ranges and which users have read the documents

Expiry Report

The Expiry Report details which documents have expired or are due to expire within a given time period.

Documents Report

With Document Report you can generate a report detailing all the documents (including all document versions) in the entire Document Management System.

From Documents Report you can view the Document Control Page, the Audit Log and the full Version Information for any document version. Furthermore, where permissions allow, it is also possible to retire a document (including all versions).