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Readers Home

The Home page displays all documents you are required to read. Documents are colour-coded - Black documents are those you have already read, Blue those you need to read and Red are expired documents. Tabbed sections help you navigate through your documents quickly and easily. To read a document just click on "Read Document" and the document will open in a separate window.

Unless a document has been imported, all documents on the Home page are Read Only PDFs. To sign a document as read click on 'Sign as Read'

Once signed for, your Home page is updated and the document status is changed from blue (still to read) - to black (read and understood). All Documents Reports will also be updated so system administrators will be aware that you have read the document.

In addition to sorting documents using the section tabs, you can also search within sections using the filter function. For example, you can search all documents in the section 'Still to Read' containing GLP by clicking on the ƒ symbol and entering the details into the dialog box and clicking "Apply"