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Manage Documents

Users can see all documents that they have created (as Document Owner) and the review status. For documents whose status is still "New" it is possible to continue work on the document by clicking "Edit Document". When a document is ready to be reviewed, use "Document Control" and sign off the document - if you wish you can assign a Primary Reviewer.

Once you sign off a document workflow rules automatically trigger 'New Work' and/or an email to the Primary Technical Reviewer and, if you select them, anyone assigned as a Technical Reviewer.  With DocMan, a new document can pass through three review stages: (1) Technical , (2) QA , (3) Management, before it is issued. Review stages can be configured to suit your requirements.

When a document is signed off by Management - therefore "Issued" - a message is sent to all readers of the subsection alerting them that there is a new document on their Home page which they need to read and sign as read. Furthermore, within the body of the all emails a link directs the recipient to the document that requires review or reading.

DocMan’s powerful workflow rules take the headache out of managing the circulation of Documents within your organisation.


Creating and Importing new documents


On the Manage Documents page you can also create new documents, import documents and create new versions of existing documents.

 When you create a new document, you can select its location/type - section, subsection and document template. Drop-down menus with all the available templates for that section ensures that the correct document is created in the correct location. After naming the document and clicking 'Create New Document' you will be able to work on the document (in MS Word). The document is saved back to the DocMan working area until it is ready for Technical Review. 

 You can also import documents into the Document Management System. Click 'Import Document' and select the section and subsection where you wish the imported document to be located. After naming the new document you can upload the required item. Imported documents only pass through Management Review and remain in native format when they are issued.

 New Versions of Issued documents can be created from the Manage Documents page. Click on 'New Version' and select the document you wish update. You can only create new versions of issued documents. The original version of the document will remain in the system as a 'superseded' document and can be viewed - if required - from the Documents Report Page.